Author Visits

Classroom Visits

Author visits in the classroom can tie the magic of reading a book to the excitement of creating it. Children get to see who is behind those silly characters or those unique facts they’ve never heard before. Introducing an author to your students will leave an impression on the children for years to come.  

Since I am also a teacher, I already have all of the clearances generally needed to work around children. I am available for visits to schools, libraries, universities– just about anywhere. 

Depending on the book chosen and size of group for presentation, I have different activities I do with the children

Individual classroom visits include:

  • A reading of the story
  • An activity and discussion about the topic of the book
  • Root for Your Character: In this interactive reading, the readers help the characters in the book
  • A question and answer session
  • Depending on grade level, a peek into the writing and publishing process

Large Group Assemblies

  • Career Day – What it takes to be an author
  • How Long Did it Take to Write Teresa’s Shadow: The road to a book is takes longer than the weekend
  • The Writing Process: Let’s Write a Story

Something Special in Mind?

I can work with you. Contact me through the form below and we can work together on your special request. 

Before The Visit

Read the book to the class ahead of time. Talk about the book, the children's favorite parts, and what they got out of the book. It helps the children enjoy the day more. They've heard this great story they like ... and NOW the author is actually coming to their school! WOW! 

Contact me for a book order form. About 3 weeks before the Author Visit, order the books from the publisher (I will give that information out with the order form). When I visit, I will have a block of time set aside for autographing books. Please have the autograph instructions available at the time of the signing. As a person who loves words, language and her readers, it is of highest priority to me that the autographs are done correctly for each reader. 

Provide me with a schedule of the day's events - for example if you want 1 large assembly and then 4 classroom visits, indicate that ahead of time so I can plan accordingly. Please allow a block of time for autographs. 

During the Visit:

Large Assemblies need a projector and microphone.

A time will be set aside to meet students and autograph books.

Feel free to take lots of pictures and please share them with me. Be sure if children are in the photos, permission has been granted ahead of time by parents.

After the visit:

PLEASE contact me with photos, feedback, what you liked about the visit and moreStay in touch and catch the latest on my Facebook Page.  

Here's what some people had to say about my visit :

I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Gladen on two occasions.  Jennifer had presented at a school in which I taught at as part of our Career Day.  She read her book Theresa’s Shadow to an auditorium packed with kids as her pictures played across the screen.  The children then asked her questions about what it was like to be an author.  They were excited and motivated to not only meet an author but hear her wonderful story and listen to what she had to say.  She was enthusiastic and excited to share her work with all of the students.  The event was a huge success!

The second occasion was a conference at a local university in which literacy was the main focus.  Jennifer gladly accepted the offer to present and share her wonderful gifts and talents with all who attended.  Another successful event, in part because Jennifer was there to help spread the word of how important literacy and reading is for children.  Thank you Jennifer!

Jennifer M.


She really gave me great ideas
~~conference attendee, Holy Family Univeristy

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful books and ideas!
~~Kathy Quin, Professor, Holy Family Univeristy

Thank you so much for coming! We loved your book! 
~~Student, Ethan Allen

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